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Rachele Moscatelli

Rachele Moscatelli is an Italian visual artist. She was born in 1993 in Cantù.

She graduated in Graphic Design cum laude from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts with a thesis entitled "Aesthetics of Lack. Study of a paradox and its revelation" with curator Angela Madesani.

He collaborates with visual design studios for which he creates installations, animations and exhibition projects.


From 2016 to the present, several articles have been written about his work.

In 2020 Moscatelli at the Cannaviello Art Studio opened his solo exhibition "Icon." The artist participates in group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


The artist is strongly linked to painting, collage, intaglio engraving, monotype and digital photographic manipulation, techniques that relate her decisive sign and color components. Her work is about female identity, sometimes unprejudiced but never ideological. The ancient underlies many of her works, the ultramodern is revealed instead in the linguistic reversal that breaks up images and lets them float in an aseptic space made of signs. His subjects come from the world of fashion. She pays sensitive attention to the surface of her figures obtained by repeated overlapping layers of color.

It is important for her to give her works that impression of life that goes beyond creation, making it almost a creature.

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