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Paolo Regis

Paolo Regis is an Italian photographer and visual artist whose professional career ranges from the glitz and glamour of fashion photography in the late 1990s to spiritual awakening from an encounter with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The dreamlike life of a creator full of beauty, passion and purpose is where Paolo Regis finds himself today, using a new digital medium that can finally express his encounters and share his interpretation of human power : a

collection of unique photographic NFTs depicting a higher state of consciousness .


Dedicated from the beginning, Regis studied photography and visual communication in Milan and began shooting internationally for fashion publications such as Vogue, ELLE, Marieclaire, and Style Magazine. His star subjects included Naomi Campbell, Sienna Miller, Giorgio Armani, and Vivienne Westwood. His eye for

interior design and architecture produced his first photo series that debuted in Dubai at the esteemed HH Gallery, now a longtime collaborator and one that Regis credits for the support that paved the way for the birth of Human Power.


A consummate world traveler, Regis continued to develop his photographic techniques to present images of people as he saw and felt them. He became a kind of intuitive photographer who conveyed an alternate reality and found himself in a life-changing opportunity to photograph the Master

of Tantra, His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama. This unique encounter would see him document the spiritual leader for the next two decades and become his official Italian press photographer. Today Regis considers the Dalai Lama a friend and mentor and continues to make spiritual pilgrimages with His Holiness.


This profound journey of enlightenment and devotion changed Paolo Regis forever, and it is with that conviction that he promised to share the experience through visual art. In these modern times, Regis has developed a technique, albeit an unconventional one, of overexposed images that allow him to capture a kaleidoscope of colorful emotions based on movement, light and camera rotation. The result is an expression of

pure and raw spirituality, aka Human Nature, that viewers can feel and experience, especially in an enhanced digital format.



Photographer Paolo Regis (1979) presents the photographic project "Human Power."

What is the unit of measurement of this multitude? That is the question from which the visual journey starts; the human being is

generally classified by his weight for his height, having body mass that is matter, and therefore many if not infinite are the forces that act on him and that he has exerted on others. Paul Regis analyzes, breaks down and recomposes this force, manifested in the interaction and bonding of two or more bodies. The vector of movement of these spirits is transformed into a flow of color, the living fiber of what the artist calls Human Power. His reportage has as its primary concern, according to a common denominator, individuals and their environment captured in the varied phenomenology of their interactions and their communicating and socializing in their historically decisive situations captured in different countries of the world, from Bangladesh Zanzibar, Berlin, Venice , Milan, London, Accra in Ghana, Varanasi and Bodhgaya.


"I wanted to capture the vibration and unity of thousands of people bringing them together and removing everything that divides them," explains Paolo Regis. "I shoot the whole moment very seriously with natural light and without worrying about retouching." The fusion that his work gives off is truly pure and spontaneous. "I worked with a specific lens, with what I was surrounded by at that moment." Some of her shots (Human Fabric) remind us of the magnificence of ancient tapestries, a rich and complex in many places, of many bodies. Others (Human donde) capture a wave of light and movement, a cascade of vibrant colors enlivening the nuances of human forms. Her photos are an implosion of colors, now muted and now fluorescent, euphoric and apocalyptic textures restored together right in the details.

Each shot invites to share the event, to catch in everyone, a face, a hand, the whisper of humanity. In the world returned by Paolo Regis, you cannot help but lose yourself. This is the meaning of his visual hemisphere, constantly searching for the strength of solidarity that belongs to one man.

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