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Aurel K. Basedow

Rhythm, instinct and rules seem to be the constitutive elements of the paintings by Aurel K. Basedow, who was born under the sign of painting. Dedication and impromptuism are therefore the two founding parts that animate his person and which consistently relive in his works in an alternation between the integral technical- methodical management and the magic of chromatic stratification.

Free and indefinable shapes, liquid and jarring colors, are the result of dozens of layers of overlapping resins spread by dripping, which incorporate - and almost deliberately conceal - objects that, such as textile textures or provocative photos, increase their aesthetic complexity.


As in a progressive concatenation of events, the poured matter is fixed on each other, offering each time a new matrix on which to intervene, reaching a perfect crystallization of abstract forms which, inevitably, revolutionize the initial appearance of the support. The result of this muscular painting is an abyss of depth in which the gaze is lost; the transparencies of the resin allow a real visual immersion within the color and its most hidden evocative force.


Like mirrors of placid water, Aurel's works also feed on what they absorb and reflect from the outside; their translucency makes them geometric bodies in continuous mutation where each captured and reverberated image mixes with the multiple compositional features already created, making them living works at any time and place.

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