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Art ON House, for the first time curated by Aethra Collectors, explores, through the work of eight Italian artists, the flow of contemporary visual arts that are
influencing the landscape of design and architecture.
The viewer will have the opportunity to have an artistic experience in a space that breaks away from the classic white box of contemporary galleries and
reconnects with that desire for art closer to home.
The works have been selected following the aesthetic and complex identity they represent.
Starting with the intense figurative painting of Fabio Giampietro, who through his unique technique gives the work empathic qualities, between dreamy Noir and vertigo
suspended, Aethra exhibits for the first time Inner Coaster, a "unicum" that returns to the origins of the artist's architectural research.
We will find three of Francesco Diluca's most famous collections, which with their poetic and fragile symbolism will accompany us in each room, marrying in a
dynamic with the different environments, allowing us to fully experience that common thread that is so dear to the artist's heart: the ability of nature to reach us.


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