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Aethra is curatorial label where harmony of elements gather around the artist’s spiritual world of creation.

The art label is founded in 2021 as the final expression of a timeless dedication to art.

Following a transcultural approach, its selection involves pieces in a combination of multiple cultural elements and a representation of images, flowing into a dialectical integration between past and present.

A network of harmoniously interconnected roots of the Oriental, cult of essential and the Classical canon, embracing the fundamentals of contemporary minimalism and surrealism.

Keeping up with nowadays scenarios, bound to change the nature of the art industry, Aethra makes fluidity and movement its priority. Loyal to its philosophy, everything else is destined to evolve from artists to environment.

Thinking outside the static “white box”, we gravitate on multiple platforms to showcase our latest talents. An heterogeneous selection of original capsule collections to exhibit in different locations and media’s, inviting local collectors to discover the work of emerging and established artists.

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